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Touch my muse! Touching is a quiet way of conveying your feelings, so tell me how you feel with your touch!
Top of head: Sibling affection/parental affection
Hair: Yearning
Ear: "I want you to hear me out."
Nose: "You're so cute."
Cheek: "I want to tell you I love you."/Deep affection/Devotion
Neck: Dislike/Hate/Disdain
Shoulder: Worry/Concern for other/Fear
Waist: Possessiveness/"You are mine."
Over the heart: "I love you."
Butt: Sexual attractiveness/lust
Hip: Interest
Back: Wanting to kill/will betray you one day
Stomach: Fun!/Silliness/"Wanna go cause some trouble?"
Forearm: Indifference/Don't particularly care for
Biceps: Aggravation/Irritation/"You are an idiot."
Fingers: Friendship/amicable
Wrist: Fear of losing you
Knee: "Don't worry, I'm here for you."
Chin: Beauty/attractiveness
Thigh: Sympathy/empathy
Calves: "I will cause you pain."
Feet: "I will serve you forever."/Deep devotion and and feelings of servitude/extreme fealty
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Wade (thebullhammer)



why don’t you guys send me your characters name and i’ll put it in this generator and write a starter based on what comes out

Wade Barrett and Heath Slater go to a bar. Heath Slater gets too drunk and Wade Barrett has to take them home.

Heath didn’t even remember why they were going to the bar, all that he remembered was that the drinks started flowing and the girls started crowding around him and the tall British man. Sure most of them wanted to speak with the large Brit but that didn’t stop Heath from trying to find one that would accompany him back to the hotel. After all it’d been a long dry spell for the Southerner and he needed to break it right away. 

At some point during the night he’d been talked onto the mechanical bull that had been placed in the corner and he thought he’d done pretty well; 6.5 seconds was ok for some one that had never ridden one before. Still the shots and beer flowed and time lost all meaning for the redhead and it wasn’t until he found his arm looped around Wade’s neck as they shambled down the street that the bar had been left behind.

"Wadeeeee….Wadddeeee….where we goin?"

"I don’t know. Should I know?" Wade felt Heath hand but not for long. "How? I’m not loud." 

Wade stopped walking when Heath was in front of him. “Hey, I almost had it.” He wines. “Better, was burning with them stuff on.”

Heath pressed his finger to Wade’s lips with a laugh. “Shhh, shhhh, shhh. Hold your horses…wait do they have horses in Brittyland?” The thought was enough to cause Heath to dissolve into giggles and laughs and he slowly pushed Wade towards the bed. “Down with you, you’re going to be a bear in the morning man.”

Once Wade was pretty much free of the burning clothes he wobbled his way over to the couch; kicking off his shoes and toeing his socks off before sloppily reclining on the cool leather. Chances were he’d end up on the floor by morning but right then it felt like heaven. 

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Wade Barrett



why don’t you guys send me your characters name and i’ll put it in this generator and write a starter based on what comes out

Wade Barrett is a member of the royal family and Heath Slater is a lowly peasant

The air was harsh and dry in the kitchen; the heat from the hearth causing the redheads hair to stick to his face as he stirred the cauldron. The smell of meat boiling into a stew was making him sick but he dared not say anything or else he’d have to suffer another beating at the hands of head of the kitchen staff.  Gently he reached up and touched the nasty bruise from an earlier cuffing that had sent him face first into the hearth and he winced as heard steps behind him. 

Picking up the speed of his stirring he jumped when he felt a hand on his shoulder. Turning quickly he ducked his head as he seen the Lord’s hand servant staring at him.

"Can I help ye sir?"

"The young master needs helped dressing, go attend him."

Heath’s head snapped up as he looked at the man wide eyed. Kitchen workers were not to come in contact with any of the Lord’s family other than at meals.

"B-but Sir…I cannot…I have a stew to watch..should it scorch there shall be no meal for the eve."

"Go. I’ll take care of this."

He opened his mouth to argue but the sight of the Kitchen Staff head walking their way closed his mouth and he bowed before scurrying off; the sounds of the two arguing about his new order.  Hurrying through the corridors of the castle Heath headed towards the young Master’s solar; knocking on the door and waiting to be summoned.

Listening to Heath speak, Wade felt ashamed. He had never noticed the man before this past year. if he did truly grow up in the kitchens, Wade should have known him. Especially a man of such great looks.

"I adore my travels," Wade spoke as he looked up at the ceiling, "I have an interest in the other cultures and lands of people beside myself. Mayhaps I should take you on a travel with me, so you may see the world."

Heath’s hand faltered a bit and he swallowed slightly before taking a breath to steady his hand. “Me mi’lord? I wouldn’t be good company. Surely there are others that would love the travel. ‘Sides I’m needed here in the kitchens; without me they would crumble and the cook would chase off all the good help.” It was true for the most part, but deep down Heath was a bit scared of leaving the castle; he’d never even been to town when they did the shopping. 

Cleaning the razor he started to work on the other side; his tongue sticking out of the corner of his mouth in concentration. “Tell me mi’lord, what do you do on these travels? Are they for learning or for pleasure?” Since the man seemed to be into learning about him, Heath figured that it was ok to ask questions about the young master. 

Send me a dirty message on anon, and if I’m too embarrassed to post it, you win.

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Headcannon: From time to time, Wade will sneak ginger into Heath's tea during tea time. The first time Heath noticed, he denied Wade sex for a week.

Accepted! Even if Heath can’t deny Wade anything.

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"Heath!" Carter beamed, "Ya ‘member me? We met once or twice!"

"Hey man! Of course I remember you. Can’t forget the face of the only other country singer that I don’t want to strangle."

"Why wouldja wanna strangle a country star?" Carter asked, taken aback.

Heath shrugged. “Some of them annoy me. Strangling is just first response. But you’re safe so its cool.” He grinned as he settled down on a chair. “What have you been up too Man?”

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"You’re so sweet, jingle bug." She smiled, kissing his cheek. "I like wearing your shirts, they smell like you. Alright,"

"Not sweet, only stating facts Darlin" He grinned as he ran his hand over her stomach lightly. "Mmm, I’ll have to start wearing a lot of my shirts and then leaving them for you when I have to go on the road then so you have them"

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Royal Knights || Sheamus and Heath


Like all the younger men of his age, Stephen always wanted to be a knight just like out of all those tales his mother used to give him to get him to sleep as a young lad, and today was it. The knighting ceremony was about to begin, and he couldn’t have been even more excited and nervous right now as he was leading up to this moment. He would be serving the Crown and all the people that lived under their prideful flag, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

As he got his tunic and britches on, he noticed his best friend Heath was missing, presuming he had already gotten ready and nearly pouted slightly at the thought. ‘Fella said he’d wait up for me so we’d go together! Ugggh. Maybe he…’ He was cut off from a rather loud knock and rambunctious noises coming from the other side of his door. “Oi! Come in, fella! Jeeze. Ya really do know how to be quite tha noise maker eh?” He teased the other redheaded male as the door opened, chuckling at the elated face the younger man had written on his face right now.

"Ahl’ll be done in a tic, Heath. Ceremony is so close! Goin’ ta be sweatin’ in me boots once we are knighted, ya know?"

Heath messed with the edge of his tunic; the deep red looking horrible against his skin but it was the colors of his people and he couldn’t just wear something else. Still the excitement of the day was creeping up on him and he was bouncing off the wall; his eyes shining as he looked towards the large doors at the end of the hall. “So close Stephen, so close. We’ve worked so hard for this! And soon we’ll be knights; no more pages and being sent for water or mead or ale.”

The younger redhead was a good deal shorter than the other and he wasn’t nearly as bulky and he certainly wasn’t able to handle a sword with the same ease; but he was a dead shot with a bow and had won countless tournies in bow craft. The two had become fast friends during training; mostly because their bright locks set them apart from the masses of blonde and brown haired bastards and royal heirs. 

"You know I can’t help it Stephen; we’ve been working for this. And this war that we’ve been hearing about is about to explode. Think we’ll be able to join?"

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